• Sterling silver earrings square drops on hoops

Sterling silver earrings square drops on hoops.


Exquisite organic handcrafted texture, these charming drop earrings are presented from the Planar range.

As is signature in our collections, each earring has been created from a much-beloved sterling silver. The once smooth surface has been hammered in a unique manner to create an organic texture. From post and butterfly fastenings, they lead down to a full circle hoop and free-flowing square charm. The perfect accessory for every day while still possessing the beauty for occasional wear, these earrings will surely integrate themselves into your everyday style.

With each item of jewellery in our range being individually made from hand, they are all host to their own range of unique patterns - creating a truly unique item of artistic jewellery. If you lover this organic hand texture style, please peruse our Melt collection for similar designs