Bespoke jewellery commissions handmade to order custom jewellery designs.

Bespoke Pieces

Silver stacking rings set with pearl pink tourmaline and alexandrite.

A recent commission to design and make a ring for a 30th birthday present. This bunch of stacking rings 5 in all 3 with stones set in them each represents different elements that make it special to both people involved with the conception of this design. As they are separate rings the beauty is that they can be worn in any combination the wearer feels like.

Handmade ring in 18ct and silver set blue topaz amethyst and peridot.

 A recent commission from a regular client that wanted a present for a special birthday for his wife . This stacking ring is a real combination of different elements it is made of a mixture of 18ct yellow gold and silver and is set with a cabochon amethyst and period also a rose cut blue topaz and 2 small diamonds. This is a unique modern piece of jewellery that was well received and greatly complemented. 

Ruby and diamond ring handmade in 18ct yellow gold.

A bold statement ring handmade in 18ct yellow gold set with a ruby centre stone and 2  diamonds on the outside. This bespoke commission was made using my clients original diamond which was inherited and sourcing a close match also supplying a beautiful oval ruby. To put the scale of the piece into context the Ruby is 1ct and the combined weight of the Diamonds is over a 1ct this is a really stunning piece of contemporary jewellery.

Sapphire and diamond ring handmade in 18ct yellow gold.

This 18ct yellow gold handmade sapphire and diamond ring. This contemporary piece of jewellery was designed  and made in my London studio. The ring was commissioned by a regular customer that is a fan of my textual organic finish and likes statement rings that really stand out from the crowd which this sapphire and diamond ring does with its bold rub-over setting containing a stunning sapphire.

Emerald pendant handmade in 9ct gold.

A 9ct yellow gold pendant set with a cabochon emerald on an 18" yellow gold chain. This was necklace was custom made for a 21st birthday present the client wanted a simple but contemporary piece and really liked my signature textural organic finish which works well the emerald and is now a much treasured present that will have fond memories of that special birthday.

Contemporary aquamarine statement ring made in 18ct white gold.

An alternative engagement ring in 18ct white gold set with an emerald cut aquamarine. This unique and unusual statement ring was a bespoke commission for a client that wanted just 1 ring instead of having an engagement and wedding ring the aquamarine is a beautiful pale blue with a hint of green almost mint in colour.

Amethyst and diamond statement pendant handmade in white gold.

A bold statement pendant handmade in 9ct white gold set with a large oval amethyst and small diamonds. My customer had the amethyst stone from a time when she had been travelling in far east and wanted it turned into a pendant . This design was her favourite from the ideas we worked on she liked the idea of adding the diamonds and making it the real dress piece for going out to party's.

Handmade 18ct red gold ring set with trillion cut cognac coloured diamond.

This beautiful handmade 18ct red single stone ring set with trillion cut cognac coloured diamond. Was a custom made bespoke order from a regular customer that wanted something unusual and unique. After working on a few different concepts she decided to commission me to make this stunning ring that is worn often and I have been told that it is greatly admired by a variety of different people.

Diamond set fitted wedding ring handmade in 18ct white gold.

This is a good example of one of my most used designs for fitted wedding rings. I always find that there is a large demand for fitted wedding rings because a lot of the engagement rings have wide or crossover settings it is also popular to have them set with diamonds. If you do not make a bespoke fitted wedding ring you end up with a large gap between the 2 rings.

18ct white and yellow gold 5 stone half hoop diamond ring.

This 18ct 5 stone half hoop ring with white gold setting yellow shank. Was a bespoke commission I made for a customer because the original ring was so badly worn I could not restore it well enough as the settings were completely worn away making the stones at risk of falling out. So I remodelled it using the original diamonds now it is restored to its former glory and worn regularly.

Bespoke 3 Stone diamond ring handmade in 18ct white.

A contemporary 18ct white gold 3 stone diamond ring . This was a bespoke ring made using my customers diamonds she had a pendant that was no longer worn and wanted to use the stones in a ring. I showed her various designs and options and it was decided that this would work the best. As you can see it works really well and is now worn on a daily basis.

18ct ring yellow gold handmade mans wedding ring .

This ring was custom made in 18ct yellow gold. This was a bespoke commission ordered after seeing a similar design that I had made in 9ct white gold as a wedding for a client. This contemporary design incorporates a series of deep carved ridges that irregular in size and angles it is wider and heavier than the original design that inspired it while keeping true to the pattern.

18ct white Gold diamond stacking rings.

 This set of 3 handmade 9ct white gold textured rings set with diamonds. These rings were custom made for a client. My customer had a ring and pair of earrings that she was not wearing because she felt they were no longer her style. I showed here various design options and she choose to have the old pieces of jewellery made into a more contemporary set of  stacking rings which she wears now.

18ct White Gold Diamond and Sapphire Ring

A client had a diamond and wanted me to design and make a 3 stone ring in 18ct white gold and to supply sapphires for the outside stones. This was the design we settled on after going through a few ideas the ring has my signature texture and the 3 stones are in rub over settings. He was very pleased with the way it turned out and loved the colour of the sapphires contrasting with the white gold and diamond.

Diamond 5 stone eternity ring handmade in 18ct yellow.

 Diamond 5 stone eternity ring designed and handmade in London using18ct yellow gold. This was a bespoke commission using an inherited ring that my client wanted remodelling into a more contemporary piece of jewellery using the diamonds. From a ring that she never wore recycled into a cherished piece of jewellery that is worn every day that was the final result.