December Birthstones: The Therapeutic Powers of Turquoise, Zircon, Tanzanite and Blue Topaz

As we enter into the build-up to Christmas, those with birthdays this month may be curious about the different choices of birthstones for December. If you fall under the zodiac star signs of Capricorn and Sagittarius, you have the choice of 4 different tranquil blue birthstones. In this article, we will be discussing Turquoise, Zircon, Tanzanite and Blue Topaz as well as the beneficial qualities they may have for people born in December. So if you have a birthday this month or you know someone that does, pay close attention.


Turquoise, The Ancient Adornment


Turquoise is a vibrant gemstone that ranges in colour from pale blue to green. As part of its unique visual character, it often displays traces of the matrix; the remains of the original rock in which it was formed.

The word Turquoise comes from an old French expression translating roughly as ‘Turkish Stone’. Turquoise is believed to be one of the oldest stones in the world. In cultures from ancient civilisation to the modern-day this December birthstone has been a highly sought after commodity. Taking a shine to the gemstone, perhaps due to its soothing colour, the rulers of Ancient Egypt would wear Turquoise ornaments. Turquoise even features in the iconic death mask of the Pharaoh King Tutankhamun, who was the ruler of Egypt 3,000 years ago.

In the Native American communities of the South-West, Turquoise was an essential part of traditional clothing. The Apaches had the poetic belief that Turquoise could be found at the end of a rainbow. By attaching the birthstone to a bow, they thought they could improve their lethal accuracy.

To many, the Turquoise December birthstone has the meaning of good health and prosperous fortune. Due to its slightly delicate composition, you must take great care when cleaning Turquoise jewellery. Use warm soapy water and avoid steam or ultrasonic cleaning techniques so as not to discolour or damage its fragile structure. With its unique character and impressive history, Turquoise may be what your wardrobe has been lacking.


Tanzanite, The Exciting Newcomer


As one of the most exciting discoveries of the last century, Tanzanite was only first identified in 1962. The December birthstone borrows its name from its African country of origin. To this day the gem is only mined in the Merelani Hills of Northern Tanzania in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro. Although also found in floral violet, the December birthstone is most valuable if it has a pure blue colour.

Tiffany & Co were first to note the stones commercial appeal, and in 1968 it became the central focus of an International campaign. Tanzanite has since become a global sensation with the December birthstone even meaning 24 years of marriage. Scoring at 6 to 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, Tanzanite has a similar durability level to Turquoise.

To take care of elegant Tanzanite jewellery use only warm soapy water. Avoid high-temperature cleaning methods as these can quite easily crack the composition of this fragile stone. With its appealing colour and elegant appearance, Tanzanite has something for everyone.


Zircon, The Timeless Treasure


The December birthstone Zircon is something of a celebrity among geologists due to its fascinating origin. The oldest ever rock identified as Zircon was discovered in Australia with an approximate age of 4.4 billion years. By comparison, the oldest diamonds ever found are roughly 3.3 billion years old. The dazzling December birthstones colour can vary a great deal.

Zircon Birthstone jewellery is available in a wide range of shades stretching from red all the way to blue. Transparent Zircon is a popular substitute for diamond due to the vibrant way it catches the light.

In the middle ages, Zircon birthstone was used as a powerful talisman to ward off evil spirits and promote deep, healthy sleep. The Hindu faith has embraced the stone as one of nine gems of Navaratna. When worn together, these stones are believed to protect the wearer while promoting good fortune, health and wisdom.

Blue jewellery featuring the Zircon December Birthstone was a popular choice in Victorian culture. The American Gemological Society promotes the benefits of Zircon. By only wearing a Zircon Birthstone Ring, you may feel the easing of prior pain and unresolved trauma. If you are planning on having adventures travelling around the world, you should take advantage of the gems protective power with an action as simple as wearing a Zircon Birthstone Earrings. Even keeping bad and frightful nightmares at bay could be as simple as wearing a Zircon Birthstone necklace to bed. With these potent abilities, Zircon may be a powerful addition to your lifestyle.


Blue Topaz, The Spiritual Healer


Blue Topaz is one of the most popular varieties of Topaz. With its spectacular icy shade, this birthstone may be the perfect accompaniment to usher you through the winter season.

As one of the rarest forms of the December birthstone found in nature, Blue Topaz has become associated with wealth, celebrity and exclusivity. Its name is thought to have been derived from the Sanskrit word ‘tapas’ meaning fire, an accurate description due to the gemstones sparkling brilliance.

For many ancient civilisations, the December birthstone Topaz had the meaning of protection, prosperity and good fortune. In ancient Egyptian culture, a warrior's armour would be encrusted with Blue Topaz to protect the wearer from harm. The ancient Greeks had the belief that Blue Topaz could increase the strength of anyone wearing the gemstone and even allow supernatural abilities such as invisibility. In European culture throughout the middle ages, Blue Topaz became a popular choice among royal families due to its scarcity and high value. Blue Topaz has held onto to this association with wealth and good fortune into the 21st century.

Among spiritual communities, wearing Blue Topaz jewellery is seen as a simple way to bring more inner peace and wisdom into your life. By welcoming Blue Topaz, you may start to reap unexpected benefits such as the easing of past suffering and a building clarity in your mindset. So, if you wish to begin creating a more positive lifestyle and let go of previous pain, Blue Topaz may be the tool you need.


Do You Know Anyone with A December Birthday?


Are you born in December or do you know anyone else that is a December baby? Pick out an elegant piece of December Birthstone Jewellery. Treat someone to a spectacular trinket with Turquoise, Zircon, Tanzanite or Blue Topaz and start experiencing some powerful benefits.

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Happy holidays and a very merry Christmas!