November's Birthstone & The Amazing Benefits Of Citrine

Whether you are a November baby or merely interested in learning about the powerful raw abilities that the November birthstones possess, this article may be for you. And for those that fall under the Zodiac star signs, Scorpio or Sagittarius pay close attention as we will be discussing the properties of the birthstone, Citrine.


Citrine, The Light Maker


Natural Citrine is a bright yellow gemstone that borrows its name from 'citron,' the French for lemon. The birthstone has often been described as carrying the sun's power, just like the vivid shade of its namesake. With its dazzling yellow tones and a warm, comforting presence, Citrine is the perfect gemstone to accompany you through the winter months.

Citrine exists in a diverse range of hues. While the most desirable gemstones on the market are a warm yellow, you can purchase shades of Citrine from fair buttercup to honey brown. Ranking at number 7 on the Moh's Hardness Scale, Citrine is reasonably durable, and so its a practical choice for the wear and tear of everyday life. Citrine occurs abundantly in nature, making it an affordable option for those looking for an eye-catching accessory. Pockets of the gemstone are found primarily in the Rio Grande region of Brazil but also in deposits all over Bolivia, France, Russia, the USA and Spain.


Citrine, The Spiritual Healer


Raw Citrine's healing properties are renowned for bringing energy and vitality into the life of the user. Like a vitamin for the soul, the understated presence of Citrine can guide your life's journey. Simply by wearing a Citrine crystal necklace, you may start to embrace a more positive lifestyle and naturally dissipate any negative energy that arises.

In situations requiring conflict resolution, you may find you have new untapped resources. You might start to become aware of a newfound peace in your relationships. This peace may manifest itself in closer bonds with the important people in your life. A building optimism may become apparent in the way you pursue your goals and face life's challenges. A sense of satisfaction may arise from the surging positive attitude the gemstone subtly encourages.

In professional contexts, Citrine can have surprising benefits. Those in creative industries may notice astonishing surges in imagination while wearing a Citrine bracelet. With these valuable spiritual benefits, Citrine jewellery can be a potent addition to your everyday wardrobe.


The Curious History Of Citrine


The use of raw Citrine stretches far back to ancient civilisation. The gemstone is thought to have been first discovered by the ancient Egyptians who used natural Citrine as a talisman to fight off evil spirits. Roman priests would fashion the stone into rings, as they recognised its healing properties. Citrine is referred to in the Old Testament as 'chrysolitus', roughly translated as the Greek for 'gold stone'. The gemstone is thought to be one of the 12 stones in the Breastplate of Aaron. This holy object was worn by the holy priest of the Israelites when communicating with God. Citrine has also been found mounted in the hilts of swords from Scotland dating back to 150 years BC. Building the birthstone into a weapon was believed to help protect its owner in battle.


Citrine On The Red Carpet


In contemporary culture, Citrine has become known as the `merchant's stone' due to its strong association with success and wealth. For this reason, it has become a popular choice among celebrities. Emma Watson and Kate Winslet have made striking red carpet appearances adorned with Citrine Jewellery. Even the royal families of the world have taken a shine to Citrine. In 1937 Cartier created a stunning Art Deco tiara for the coronation of King George VI. The diadems central gemstone is 62.35- carat Citrine with a unique emerald cut.


Citrine and Its Many Therapeutic Benefits


The benefits of this vibrant birthstone stretch past the merely decorative. Citrine has been connected with many therapeutic physical effects, from stimulating the digestive system to even reversing degenerative diseases. And true to its nickname 'the light maker,' Citrine can be a powerful tool in combating Seasonal Affective Disorder. With black moods often arising in the darker periods of the year, Citrine's depression resistant qualities make it a useful ally.
So if welcoming wealth, prosperity, and pure, positive energy is of interest to you, look no further than Citrine. Making beneficial life changes may be as simple as adding a few Citrine pieces to your wardrobe.


Know a Scorpio or Sagittarius?


With such evident beneficial qualities, those with the Zodiac signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius should invest in a Citrine ornament. Do you have a November birthday or know someone that does? Help celebrate November with a striking piece of Citrine Jewellery and start reaping the life-changing benefits.

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